Origin Update Adds FPS Counter, Cross-Game Invites and Download Speed Management


Electronic Arts has announced quite a few improvements to the Origin client. Chiefly, an FPS counter is being added alongside cross-game Origin invites and the ability to manage your download speed on the client.

You may try all these new features by simply opting into the client's beta.

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Managing your download speed

As a community, you’ve passionately shared that being able to manage your download speed is a must have. You’ve also shared that it’s long overdue to make an appearance on the client. We've got good news—it’s here.

How it works:

  1. Click on Origin → Application Settings → Download Restrictions.
  2. Choose between various download speeds inside or outside of gameplay, or completely turn off downloads while in-game.

Monitoring your frame rate (FPS)

If you’re playing here, then it’s likely you’re all about pushing your system to the limit (looking at you, PC master race folks). We’re here to help. Origin can now display your fps so you can measure your performance.

See what it looks like on this screenshot:

FPS Counter.png

How it works:

  1. The FPS monitor works independently from the in-game overlay.
  2. You can display the counter in any corner of your screen.
  3. You can enable or disable the FPS counter via Application Settings → Origin in-game → During Gameplay.

Cross-game party invites

The recent party invite update allowed you to instantly join your friends while playing the same game. But what about friends playing a different game? Well, now that’s possible too—cross-game invites are here.

Check out a cross-game invite in action:

How it works:

Enable the Origin Beta via Origin → Application Settings → Participate in client betas. Make sure your friends also enable the beta.

  1. Receive a game invite from a friend, and click or press Y or N to accept or decline.
  2. Once an invite has been accepted, Origin starts a countdown, giving you another chance to decline before it closes your current game.
  3. Once the timer is finished, the client will launch the new game to party up with your friend.