Opera Neon Visions Your Web Browser As A Mini Desktop


Basically, all web browsers have a common purpose of surfing the web. All of them offer more or less the same basic functions, adding a hew of uniqueness to mark them different from one another. However, you never really realize what you want unless you have the functionality at your disposal. There are certain aspects of making use of web browsers that drag in maximum amount of utility. Opera Neon is all about that, changing the way we surf the internet by coming out of the conventional, more straight forward layout. Let's see how Opera attempts to do that.

Opera Neon Is Visually Different, Designed To Maximize Utility

Opera Neon is making use of a different approach which is quite unusual if you're a regular Chrome or Firefox user. The variations are greater in terms of visual design language, making it look different all around. Opera Neon provides you with functionality that not only looks like a mini desktop but also acts like one. It features all of the standard features offered by other web browsers, but with a fun yet utility-maximizing design.

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Visually, the interface of Opera Neon is clean and uncluttered. Tabs and shortcuts are designed as bubbles and also resembles Facebook Messenger-like chat heads. The control bar is located at the side that does not interfere with whatever you're doing. However, it gets super fun when you try to shift between different websites. It's this point that provides you with an experience much similar to a desktop than a plain old web browser.


Opera Neon provides you with the ability to create a split view similar to that of Windows. The best part about Opera Neon is that it also acts as a media player for all media content. You can pop out a video alongside switching websites so you don't miss out. While these features might be available on other web browsers, not all of them are jam packed in the form of a single hub. Moreover, a unique set of design all around is a plus, providing you with a different user experience.

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Other important features that makes Opera Neon different includes smart "snap" that lets you capture a specific portion of the screen and a smart tab system that showcases frequently used tabs. If you're interested in checking it out for yourself, Opera Neon is available for both Windows and Mac. Opera's Neon browser is definitely a page out of ordinary. However, it does not really mean that it can replace your old web browser. Nonetheless, do give it a swing and see for yourself.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Opera Neon? Would it replace your current web browser? Share your thoughts in the comments.