NVIDIA Shows Off Seven New G-Sync Monitors at Computex

Jeff Williams
Jun 1, 2015

NVIDIA indeed brought their A game to Computex this year. They’ve officially announced the base price and specs of the GTX 980 Ti, but of course that’s not all. They also unveiled seven new G-Sync capable monitors that will be available soon.

Seven new G-Sync monitors are on the horizon from Asus and Acer, comprising 1440P and even 3440x1440P.

The fantastic piece about this is that no longer does it look like manufacturers are limited to the use of TN panels in their search for refresh rate perfection using G-Sync. Now we’re going to be seeing entrants going all the way up to the 4K resolution with refresh rates higher than 60Hz. One of them is even going to end up being of the curved variety.






Asus PG279Q 2560x1440 27 IPS 144 Hz
Acer Z35 2560x1080 35 VA 144 Hz
Acer X34 3440x1440 34 Curved IPS 75 Hz
Asus PG34Q 3440x1440 34 IPS 60 Hz
Acer XB271HK 4K 27 IPS 60 Hz
Acer XB281HK 4K 28 TN 60 Hz
Asus PG27AQ 4K 27 IPS 60 Hz

Previously, the only non TN monitors with refresh rates officially higher than 60Hz was the 240Hz capable Eizo Foris FG2421 using VA screen technology. Brightness issues and slow pixel response times kept it from becoming a powerhouse despite the novel way in which it achieved its refresh rate, however. Overclocking some panels is possible, though that can result in undesirable dropping of frames and artifacts. It also doesn’t do what G-Sync (or FreeSync for that matter) does by smoothing the frames through the novel use of the backlight.

The Acer X34 should be available in August, with others around that same timeframe.