NVIDIA RTX 3090 Will Allegedly Offer A Massive 50% Performance Increase

Usman Pirzada
A mock up of the rumored RTX 3090 graphics card.

We have a very quintessential rumor on the alleged performance of the RTX 3090 with us today. A couple of credible leakers on twitter have commented that the performance of the upcoming NVIDIA RTX 3090 is shaping up to be as much as a 50% increase over the RTX 2080 Ti. According to the same, they expect the score in Time Spy Extreme benchmark to be close to 10,000 points. It is worth noting that a generous amount of salt is absolutely necessary with this delicacy of a rumor.

NVIDIA RTX 3090 will allegedly score close to 10000 points in Time Spy Extreme benchmark

While the leakers in question are very reliable and are people that successfully leaked the specs and nomenclature of NVIDIA's upcoming graphics cards, they have themselves stated that this is not concrete yet. The final clocks have not been decided but the expectation is that an increase of 50% is not out of the question! This is going to be a massive step up in performance that is likely driven not only by the node shrink but some impressive architectural upgrades as well.

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This means a score of over 9000! I am violating editorial policy by adding in GIFs but I think it would be criminal not to include this :]

An NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti for reference scores around 6300 points in Time Spy Extreme and a 50% increase over this amount would be 9450 points. If the card has *any* overclocking headroom, we should expect to see overclockers break the 10000 points barrier within days of the GPUs shipping to customers. Of course, NVIDIA could also decide to go with highly conservative clocks so it is advisable not to get too excited at this stage (till the final clocks are confirmed).

As far as the leaks stand, it looks like NVIDIA is all set to keep the title of performance king and AMD's big Navi (according to leaks) will be slightly faster than an RTX 2080 Ti (although in typical AMD fashion should be surprisingly affordable). It is worth noting that at this level of performance, we might actually be able to hit the coveted 4K90 standard for VR headsets. The HP Reverb G2 for example has a resolution that is almost 2.5x of Oculus quest and this card would be able to run that like a champ.

The shroud design of NVIDIA's upcoming series also leaked out a while back from a validation line and the company will be using a very cool looking aesthetic (should they choose to go with it). The introduction of an RTX 3090 is also a new and we expect part of the company's effort to distinguish its flagship from the usual successors. It does remain to be seen just how much NVIDIA will be charging for it. If this is based on older Turing pricing then it is going to cost an arm and a leg but we have a feeling that based on past experiences with RTX 2000 series cards, and Jensen's love for record quarters, they might actually decide to make it (relatively) more affordable.

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