Nvidia Geforce GTX 590 Temp reaches 112C during Thermal Tests.

Hassan Mujtaba

Nvidia recently released a new BIOS to fix the overheating issues encountered in its new Dual Chip Flagship GPU "Geforce GTX 590" however the new BIOS seems to have no affect on the issue as a recent review by a French site has revealed that the card still reaches an outrageous temp of 112C during standard thermal tests.

We all know that the GTX 590 has been plagued with several issues since day 1 of its release which include card blowing up, overheating and now even a BIOS fix couldn't address the issue. The 112C temp was recorded near the VRM memory chips which is a really sensitive part of the GPU and a temp of 112C is nowhere near the safe limits.

One reason for high temps can also be the case in which the reviewers tested the card "Antec Sonata" which is an average mid tower case with no airflow at all. However the card was ran on stock clocks and voltages and its counterpart HD6990 by AMD reached 90.3 degrees within the same case and in AUSUM mode, which raises its TDP 75W over that of the GTX 590. In this case the temps reached 96.1C which is still way under that if GTX 590. The temps were recorded near the Cayman Core of the GPU.

Maybe Water cooled variants are the only versions of the GTX 590 meant to be bought, I know they costs a few bucks more than the stock variants but at least they won't let your money down the drain as compared to the stock ones which will either blow up by high temps. You can check out news posts below which show different problems encountered in the GTX 590 and their possible solution:

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