Here’s How Nokia’s First Android Phone Will Look Like

Sohaib Ahmad

Nokia's Android phone may become a reality according to reports. In november, evleaks hinted at a project 'Normandy' by Nokia. This all seems very skeptical since Microsoft will buy Nokia soon. Maybe Microsoft will not block this phone and target the low end market with this.

Nokia's Android Phone

Nokia's Android Phone May Yet See The Light

Project "Normandy" is simply a code name for an Android device by Nokia. It's status has been described as "full steam ahead". If this is true then this phone may be released before Microsoft buys Nokia. The Phone from the picture provided by evleaks is a Lumia styled phone. This phone could had been Nokia's savior if Nokia had chosen to make smartphones with Android, before Microsoft's takeover.

With a simplistic design and lowly features, "Normandy" is surely a low end device. Specification which are visible from the picture are a camera without a flash, a single speaker. Judging from the size, the display is not a big one but near 3.5-4". This picture is also said to be highly photo-shopped : Link.

EDIT : Pics:

Contrary to popular belief, if Nokia had stayed with their meego/sailfish they could had been in a better position then they are now. Nokia's N series were at the top of the game when Nokia was in its prime. Now it seems after Microsoft's take over, Nokia will forever more produce smartphones running WindowsPhone only.

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