Nintendo Switch Rumored to be Receiving its First Real Price Cut this Coming Monday

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The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for over four and a half years, and yet, somewhat amazingly, Nintendo has never shaved even a penny off the system’s MSRP. A few limited-time holiday deals aside, you still have to cough up $300 for a new Switch. Well, there’s a chance that may finally be about to change as we head into the 2021 holiday season. According to the French gaming deals site Nintend’Alerts, which has accurately leaked a lot of products and deals, the Switch will be getting a price cut this coming Monday, from €329 to around €270.

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Nintendo dropping the price of the Switch in only one region would be fairly unlikely, so if this rumor is legit, this will probably be a worldwide price drop. The price drop in America would likely be roughly the equivalent of the euro drop, so expect the system to go from $300 to $250 or $240. It isn’t expected the Switch Lite will receive a price cut.

Of course, take this with a grain of salt for now. If this rumor is indeed the real deal, it is somewhat odd timing by Nintendo, as they’re about to launch the Switch OLED model at a higher $350 price point in October. Then again, perhaps they realize that hardcore fans are going to buy the OLED model regardless of price and are looking to bring some more casual gamers into their tent during what is sure to be a very competitive holiday season.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model launches on October 8. Anybody out there still holding out on the Switch? Would a price cut finally get you to bite?

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