New Elden Ring PC Mods Provide 99 Million Runes and Remove Runes Death Penalty, Making The Game Easier

Aernout van de Velde
Elden Ring mods runes easy mode

New Elden Ring PC mods have been released, making FromSoftware’s latest title easier.

Although some consider Elden Ring to be less difficult and more accessible than previous Souls installments from FromSoftware, Elden Ring is without a doubt a challenging game, brutal even at some points. The game often can get frustrating at times, but these freshly-released mods might make the game somewhat easier while playing offline.

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The first mod comes from modder ‘Psyken Gaming’, and provides 99 million runes at the start of the game (savegame). Please note that this save isn’t a new New Game + save file. Having 99 million runes at the start of your game takes away the endless runes grind, and might be welcome by plenty of players out there.

Created by modder ‘CheezeOfAstora’, the “Recover Runes Immediately” mod basically removes the Runes Death Penalty. “As soon as you die and respawn at the Site of Grace/Stake of Marika, you'll get a prompt to recover your runes”, the modder writes. “No need to go to the exact spot of death to recover the runes.”

“With this mod, you'll never lose runes due to not being able to pick it up and dying again. Basically, there will be no death penalty on runes, as it sorta works like Sacrificial Twigs.”

Basically, you could argue that these mods provide some sort of easy mode for the game, although enemies and bosses will remain challenging as ever. As always with mods, be sure to follow the installation instructions for these mods before running them.

Elden Ring is available globally now for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. As expected, these mods are only available on PC, and should only be used when playing offline (using them online might get you banned).

Here's what our very own Francesco de Meo had to say about the game in his review. "Elden Ring is not only the best action RPG developed by From Software but one of the best open-world titles ever made. A masterclass of game design, Elden Ring isn't just a game but an epic dark fantasy journey that no one will be able to forget for a very long time."

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