New Battery Test Shows How ProMotion Display on iPhone 13 Pro Improves Battery Life

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Apple launched the iPhone 13 series last year and this time around the company has increased the gap between the standard and the 'Pro' models. While battery life on the iPhone 13 has been greatly improved, the iPhone 13 Pro models feature the new 120Hz ProMotion display. The variable refresh rate offers an enhanced experience as well as contributes to saving battery life. In a new battery life comparison video of the iPhone 13 Pro against the iPhone 13, a user shows the improvement the ProMotion display brings to the table.

Battery Test Shows How iPhone 13 Pro's ProMotion DIsplay Grants it a Win Against the Standard Model

The battery test comparison is conducted by PhoneBuff and shared on YouTube. On paper, the standard iPhone 13 features a bigger battery than the iPhone 13 Pro - 3227mAh and 3100mAh, respectively. In addition, both iPhone models feature a 6.1-inch display but the iPhone 13 Pro houses a 120Hz ProMotion display with variable refresh rates. What this means is that the iPhone 13 Pro can go as low as 10Hz when needed.

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The ProMotion display allows the iPhone 13 Pro to last 3 hours longer than the standard iPhone 13 model when it comes to video playback. The video playback lasts 22 hours on the iPhone 13 Pro and 19 hours on the standard iPhone 13. Henceforth, one can expect the iPhone 13 to last longer in the battery test compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.

In the battery test comparison, PhoneBuff was impressed with the results of both the iPhone 13 Pro and the standard model. As mentioned earlier, the iPhone 13 series offer enhanced battery life compared to last year's iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. As for the results, the iPhone 13 Pro lasted longer than the iPhone 13. However, the difference was not as much as 3 hours but just 9 minutes of screen-on time.

What this means is that the iPhone 13 Pro's Promotion Display did enhance the battery life since its battery size was far less than that of the iPhone 13. You can check out the video shared above for more details.

This is all there is to it, folks. Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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