New Natal game demo makes a monkey out of you, literally

Project Natal is getting closer and closer to being revealed but this particular video made me think again about even considering to buy Natal at all:

i mean wow, if i have to dance in front of my TV like with out the help of the famous arcade game "Dance Dance Revolution" then i am definitely not buying Natal or even worse make a literal monkey of my self out of my self in front of friends and family i mean have you WATCHED the way the guy moves? I mean I know its a game but still, The Wii may have very little choice for adults but only a select few games make you look like an idiot while playing them but Natal will probably make a fool out of you by 2-3 games.

No offense but I prefer the old fashioned way of playing games which is sitting on a couch at a good distance if I wanted to dance in front of my TV I would just buy "So you think you can dance?" for the Wii. But for now Natal is definitely off my list of things I wish I had and is now on my list of gaming accessories to avoid.

Now you may be wondering "The Wii and PlayStation Move (both are controller based motion sensor interface) can also cause the same accidents." but think of it this way, the Wii only makes you move your arms and so will the Move but as you have seen Natal doesn't have the capability of controllers and you will have to move your feet which I think could be a little bit dangerous. You could unconsciously run

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