Natal to Cost $149


Microsoft's one of a kind gaming add-on which will bring full body motion control to their popular console The "XBOX 360"; Project Natal is perhaps the biggest move into motion sensor technology, just when you thought the Wii was a great example of full body motion sensor wait until you get a glimpse of Natal's capabilities.

A source at EDGE-Online claimed he found the retail price of the console to be $149, and that there will also be a bundle sold which will include the XBOX 360 Arcade version and the Natal; which is estimated to be priced at $300. There are also rumors that Microsoft is planning on changing the name of the project to something more "simple" before the official retail launch.

Natal is going to be quite a surprise because Microsoft prior to the Natal announcement they announced support for many games on the XBOX 360 such as the infamous "Gears of War Series" (I can't wait to see you how you use the chainsaw on locusts using your hands).

I for one can't wait to see the Natal in action in E3 though i may not be a fan of the console it would still be an interesting thing to watch, as to how a console add-on can integrate your whole body into a game.