MSI Announces GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 SEA HAWK EK

Keith May

MSI has upped the ante with their new GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 line of graphics cards. First with offering a SEA HAWK variant of the GTX 1070 to include the CORSAIR powered AIO to keep the core frosty. And now with their newly announced GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 SEA HAWK EK


What sets this apart from the regular SEA HAWK is that it includes a custom full cover waterblock that they partnered with EK Waterblocks to bring this to market. Not only did they pair it up with a custom EK block, they also forwent the founders edition pcb and used their custom designed Gaming X pcb which delivers more power phases as well as supports more power delivery by adding in an additional 6pin PCI-e power connector.


“The MSI SEA HAWK EK X represents the pinnacle in enthusiast-class graphics cards and as such deserves only the best possible cooling”, said Niko Tivadar, EK’s Chief of R&D. “We are proud to say no compromises have been made. This is as good as it gets!”.



The back isn't left to chance and still features their full cover back plate showing off their Dragon Army branding. This card is ready to go without the worry or hassle of removing the existing stock cooler and purchasing the waterblock separately. This may seem like a strange stance to take, but if you're already looking to build a full custom loop this takes the time and hassle out of ordering waterblocks and then going through the trouble of installation. Unfortunately at the time of this article we do not have the MSRP for either of the graphics cards, nor do we have the  cards base/boost clocks available but feel very confident it will carry similar clock speeds to each GPUs Gaming X variant from MSI.

Memory size/type8GB GDDR5X8GB GDDR5
ConnectivityDisplayPort x 3 / HDMI / DL-DVI-DDisplayPort x 3 / HDMI / DL-DVI-D
Dimensions278 x 165 x 20 mm278 x 165 x 20 mm

Sound off in the comments below and let us know your take on Graphics Cards coming pre-shipped with custom waterblocks already installed or you you prefer doing the work yourself and still having the option of the air cooler for resell or if you change your mind down the road in regards to water cooling?

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