Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update 11.0.2 Fixes Hair and Fur Issues With FXAA, NVIDIA DLSS and More

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

A new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update is now live on PC and Nintendo Switch, fixing some issues in both versions of the game.

The biggest change included in the 11.0.2 update is a fix for hair and fur issues on PC. Due to this bug, fur and hair wouldn't be displayed with FXAA or NVIDIA DLSS enabled. Other bugs have also been fixed:

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  • Fixed an issue causing players to obtain Anomaly Investigations as "unauthorized quests" if they join another player's Anomaly Investigation for a monster they haven't unlocked yet.
  • Fixed an error that occasionally occurred when harvesting during an Anomaly Investigation.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Anomaly Investigations joined by multiple players in the same lobby from showing up in the search results for Join Requests.
  • Detailed body hair on characters and monsters is now properly displayed when the anti-aliasing is turned off or set to "FXAA."
    This also ensures body hair is properly displayed when NVIDIA DLSS is enabled.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak 11.0.2 update also brings a number of balance adjustments and other bug fixes, which you can find detailed below:

  • Fixed an error that occasionally occurred if you register an equipment loadout containing a weapon with a Rampage Decoration, rollback the upgrade for that weapon, and then try to select that particular equipment loadout again.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally affecting the results of augmenting armor when performing specific steps while augmenting a weapon.
  • When changing the target in the search settings for Anomaly Investigations, the minimum level value will no longer be updated if the target is within the range of adjustable conditions.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch worldwide. You can learn more about the game by checking out my review:

With its huge number of new and returning monsters, new gameplay mechanics, and great refinements to the formula, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the massive expansion that the latest entry in the series deserved to get. While the jump from High Rank to Master Rank doesn't feel as big as it was in previous entries in the series, Sunbreak does so many things well that most of the hunters traveling to Elgado and the Citadel will hardly be bothered by it.

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