The Fastest Mini-ITX Nvidia Card is Here – Gigabyte GTX 970

Gigabyte has announced the first Mini-ITX version of Nvidia's highly popular GTX 970 graphics card. What's perhaps most interesting is that this is Gigabyte's first Mini-ITX graphics card. The company hadn't released a Mini-ITX card before. With rising popularity of this form factor in the motherboard space. Gigabyte had plenty of reasons to build a matching graphics card.

Nvidia GTX 970 Gets The Mini Itx Treatment From GigabyteWe've seen Mini-ITX cards prior to this from other manufacturers. Such as the Mini-ITX GTX 670 from Asus, GTX 760 from MSI and the Mini-ITX R9 285 from Sapphire. But a Mini-ITX GTX 970 is certainly going to be the fastest. Considering how popular the GTX 970 is I would expect to see even more Mini-ITX offerings from various Nvidia AIBs.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Now Available in Mini-ITX Form Factor Thanks To Gigabyte

The card features a custom designed PCB and one eight pin power connector. Gigabyte has also factory overclocked the card to a boost clock of 1216. Which is 38Mhz higher than the reference design.

Gigabyte-GTX-970-MiniITX-2In terms of cooling we're looking at a custom high density dual-slot heatsink with three heatpipes. In addition to Gigabyte's new 85mm fan featured in their G1 Gaming branded flagship graphics cards. Gigabyte has also included a backplate with the card which is always a welcomed site.

Gigabyte has also maintained Nvidia's reference collection of rear I/O. Meaning you get two DVI interfaces , one HDMI and three DisplayPort interfaces. Although worthy of note is that one of the two DVI outputs is DVI-D and one is DVI-I. Reference designs from Nvidia only feature DVI-I outputs. Which are compatible with both Digital and Analogue devices.

Gigabyte showcased the card running the Metro Last Light benchmarks at 62c, which was 14c lower than the reference NVTTM cooler from Nvidia. We couldn't verify the numbers ourselves seeing how the card hasn't been released yet. However the numbers do look very exciting for Gigabyte.
The card should begin shipping in November at an MSRP of $330. Which is quite a bit cheaper than most GTX 970s out there.


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