[Updated] New MicroSD Card Allegedly Melts Nintendo Switch, An Unlucky Switch Owner Claims

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[Update 18/12] According to the unlucky Nintendo Switch owner, Nintendo will be taking care of the issue.

"I called Nintendo as soon as they opened this morning", he updated his initial post. "Although my switch is out of warranty, she said that the switch will be taken care of by Nintendo. I asked if it was a known issue, and she replied that should never happen whether the card is faulty or not and therefore will be taken care of whether or not the switch was still under the limited warranty. I was instructed to hold on to pictures, the sd card, and the switch until I receive further instructions from them. I offered them pictures, but she said she did not want them at this time. I am still waiting to hear from SanDisk."

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"I am sending the switch in tomorrow after getting packaging materials. I was told 2-4 week ETA. I have given SanDisk further information, but still awaiting a more conclusive response."

[Original story] An unlucky Switch owner claims that his freshly purchased 1GB microSD card has melted his Nintendo Switch.

As reported on the Nintendo Switch Reddit, proclaimed Switch owner ‘NefariousZhen’ claims that his brand-new SanDisk Extreme PLUS 1GB microSD has burned a hole in his Switch. “I thought that I was getting a good deal on Black Friday when I bought a 1TB micro sdxc card”, he writes. “Apparently not! It melted the switch the first time I turned it on after installing (it was off as required). Switch is at version 9.1.0.”

According to the unlucky Switch owner, the card in question is the SanDisk - Extreme PLUS 1TB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card, which normally sells for more than $400 USD.  We’ve included an image of the melted Switch that was posted down below:

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“I smelled the magic smoke”, he later added. “Touched it barely with my finger and it was massively hot. I popped it out with the SD adapter that came with the card which was luckily on hand (as I was just installing the card)... I think I might have prevented worse damage.”

If what NefariousZhen writes is correct, his Switch was turned off when installing the card and it was left in the Switch for roughly 20 seconds. “The switch was off. It is required to be off when installing an SD card... When I turned it on, it didn't even show the Nintendo logo. I soon smelt what can only be described as burnt transistors and melting plastic, flipped it back around, touched the slot (dumb idea!) and then went into panic mode to pop it back out.”

Based on the damage on the card in the photo that was posted, the damage might very well be caused by the Switch instead of the card itself. Whether this 'issue' has been caused by a defective Nintendo Switch or microSD remains to be seen. According to NefariousZhen, SanDisk has been contacted.

We’ll update in case we learn more about this matter.

In any case, be sure to check out our guide on how to safely transfer Switch data from one microSD card to another in case you've gotten yourself a new card recently.

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