Metal Gear Online Shuts Down This June

One of PlayStation 3's most prized possessions, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was released to the masses on 12th June 2008 to much fanfare. The MGS series is known for it's confusing storyline made up of conspiracy theories, science fiction, philosophies etc. Also, the MGS series has been known to have outstanding graphics, with MGS4 easily being one of the better looking games of 2008.

While not the first game in the main series to implement an online multiplayer component, MGS4's was the most noticeable. While MGS3: Subsistence was the first one with the online mode, it largely went unnoticed due to online gaming not being a great part of the PS2. Nevertheless, while Metal Gear Online was fun and somewhat addictive, Konami has decided to finally lay it to rest, four action-packed years after release.

The Online Shop for MGO will be closed on March 21st and the ability to register new characters will be gone by April 24th, but 24th holds a surprise as well! For the last month of MGO, the expansion packs GENE, MEME and SCENE will be available for download for free, so if you were missing out on the opportunity to play as iconic characters such as Raiden, Vamp, Revolver Ocelot etc in the online multiplayer, then this is your last shot at the chance to do so.

So it's farewell to Metal Gear Online! I have plenty of memories with it. Anyways, share your experiences with MGO in the comments section below!


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