New Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Details Revealed, Actions will have Major Impact on Squad Mates [Spoiler Inside]

New Gameplay details of Mass Effect 3 have been revealed through a poster posted on NeoGAF Forums which will come with the next issue of OXM. The poster includes new gameplay details along with a huge spoiler which will have major impact on the story.

Let's take a look at the Gameplay details first, Aside from what we already know that Commander Shepard will engage mostly through Husks and Cerberus troops - Cerberus troops will be divided into three main types of troops - heavy bruisers, medium and light. Jump, Roll and Blind Fire will also be introduced in the game which is mostly common in action/stealth based game these days.

We can loose different civilizations and races to the reapers depending on your actions, Maybe its like the Paragon/Renegade play throughs in which Paragon will gain you good will while renegade options gain you the opposite result or it could be similar to the suicide mission where you had to gain loyalties of your squadmates to make them survive the final playthrough.

This along with many weapon customization options will be introduced in the game, Have a look on the full details below:

- you can jump and roll, and blindfire has been introduced.

- As well as gaining civilisation's alliegance, you can lose them to the Reapers if you don't play right, similarly to losing squadmates in the suicide mission.

- Your weapons have three upgrade slots -scope barrel and grip, and you can change the colour and camoflage of weapons.

- Cerberus and husks will be main enemies, and cerberus is divided into three main types of troops - heavy bruisers, medium and light.

- You may be able to get an eyepiece, like Garrus's, that will allow non-sniper weapons to scope in further, which also hints at armour having more of an effect on gameplay.

- Bioware are going to announce something big at E3 - a lot of the gameplay features and more squadmates.

Let's move on to the Spoiler, Plz! View at your own risk:









The final detail posted by the users on NeoGAF suggest that the Fan-Favorite squadmate serving aboard the Normandy since Mass Effect 1 "Garrus" will die in a dramatic death in the last game. Damnit! This is a huge hit for me, I did all to save him in the Mass Effect 2 and now i come to know he would die. :"(

Our best hope is that it's a consequence if you don't do the loyalty or it depends on how you play in the game and can be changed, Let's hope for the best. We've been covering all the Major news on Mass Effect 3, Do check out the posts below for more info:

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