LG Has Some Stellar-Quality OLED TVs That Are Getting Very Attractive Discounts for Black Friday


You do not have to keep track of 4K TV technology religiously to know that it is possibly the best upgrade you can ever make to your entertainment system. Unfortunately, these ultra-large TVs are too expensive even if you wanted to buy them. Well, that expensive price tag that was once accompanied with these LG OLED TVs is out the front door because kicking off Black Friday early, we have some great TV deals for you.

Check Out These Massively Discounted LG OLED TV Deals - Smallest Display Size Is a Whopping 55 Inches

LG might have just entered into the foray of OLED screen technology for smartphones but it is their TV business that will certainly catch your eye quickly. These Black Friday deals are quite astonishing to see because you’re getting major discounts on TVs that feature a diagonal screen size of 55 inches and cost much less than you would have expected.

The biggest display size that LG has discounted at the moment is 65 inches but if your living room is two sizes too big then we will only recommend that you get your hands on one. For now, we believe that the 55-inch models will provide the best bang for your buck but you’re also welcome to choose other models if you want to have an overkill setup.

To remind you, LG's 2017 OLED sets all have support for most HDR formats, including HDR10 and Dolby Vision, so if you’re looking for things like media consumption in the form of Netflix or UHD content, this kind of hardware will have your back. They also cover 99 percent of the demanding DCI-P3 gamut, giving you the maximum colors, gamut, and accuracy.

LG also claims that it has boosted brightness by 25 percent on several models this year and thanks to their efficiency they will add a negligible amount to your electricity bill.

We have provided specific models that we feel will provide the best bang for your buck so let us know down in the comments on what you think.