Lenovo Announces the ThinkStation P350 Desktop Workstations!

ThinkStation P350
Source: Lenovo

Lenovo has introduced a new family of workstations, and the ThinkStation P350 workstations are designed for entry-level workspaces. These spaces require high power, but without the need to have large workstations; instead, these workstations focus on being smaller than other workstations. The Lenovo ThinkStation P350 Tower, SFF, and Tiny workstations are available on July 23rd, with prices starting at $899 for the Tiny, $949 for the SFF workstation, and $969 for the Tower model.

Lenovo has introduced the ThinkStation P350 family of workstations, and this family has three different models currently available

The Lenovo ThinkStation P350 Tower and SFF offer similar technical specification options, including utilizing up to an Intel Xeon W-1390P or an Intel i9-11900K processor for the Tower or an Intel i9-11900 for the SFF model. These processors can be paired up to NVIDIA RTX 5000 Graphics card for the Tower model, while the SFF model can feature up to the NVIDIA T1000 graphics card. The NVIDIA RTX 5000 Graphics card features 16 GB of VRAM, while the NVIDIA T1000 graphics card has 4 GB of VRAM.

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ThinkStation P350
ThinkStation P350

Both models can feature up to 128 GB of DDR4 RAM with a maximum ram speed of 3,200 MHz, and this large RAM capacity is powered through four UDIMM slots. One of the major differences between the two models is the tower model using either a 500W or a 750W power supply, while the SFF model only features a 380W power supply.

ThinkStation P350 Tiny
Source: Lenovo

The third model in the ThinkStation P350 workstation family is the ThinkStation P350 Tiny, which features up to an 11th generation Intel Core i9 processor. This processor has eight cores and a maximum boost clock of 5.2 GHz, allowing it to be incredibly snappy and paired up to an NVIDIA P1000/T600 Graphics card, perfect for nearly any workstation needs.

The Tiny model does feature significantly less storage when compared to the previous models, which had up to seven different drives for the tower model, and six for the SFF model. The Tiny model only allows up to two drives, both needing to be M.2 drives to save space inside the chassis.

Lenovo has announced that these three models will be available on July 23rd, with a starting price of $899, $949, and $969 for the Tiny, SFF, and Tower models.

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