Leaked Destiny Alpha Gameplay Appears on the Internet


Destiny was supposed to be a game that held a lot of promise, potential and tried to stand out, but if the leaked Alpha gameplays are anything for us to judge then the game is no different from Borderlands and we are in for a lot of Dark Areas.Destiny

Destiny is a game that holds a great amount of hype around it and while the initial reveal of it at E3 ’13 led us to believe that we are in for a game that is going to exemplary, some leaked Alpha Gameplay videos which  leaked from an Ubisoft employee (Ryan Butler, Graphics Designer) have made their way onto the internet due to his excitement of streaming the game on his PS4, sadly the game has yet to show any unique feature that we haven’t already seen in a Borderlands game, but at least Borderlands is a game that offers comedic story progression through hilarious storytelling, but Destiny is too straightforward and doesn’t really offer anything that we haven’t seen already.

Leaked Destiny Alpha Gameplay Shows Us The Game Looks Pretty, But Can It Deliver?

The game should shine its best when played with friends and company otherwise if you plan on playing the game like a lone wolf you might just find yourself seeing a local retailer for a trade-in sooner than later, currently the map that he appears to be playing on is the same map that was in the E3 ’13 trailer but with further exploration. The game does also resemble Halo with the gun handling except this is the first time I have seen the ADS (Aim Down Sights) in a Bungie video game. Currently, Destiny is a huge gamble for Activision considering the huge amount of money spent on marketing the game will definitely need this game to be a success if we are to see a sequel.

If you are curious to see the game for yourself, Activision ninjas are heavily on the prowl and taking down the videos at every corner of the internet. So once again, here are some Mega download links for you to see, the videos are relatively small in size and offer good playback quality. Don’t solely base your decision on buying the game on this video, but currently it looks more like an MMO that HAS to be played with friends and company and while Borderlands games have always been able to be finished while playing lone wolf and Destiny has practically stated that the end game WILL need coop, this could be a problem for people who prefer playing alone otherwise you will have to count on friends also buying the game with you and playing at the same time as you do.

(Video download links are courtesy of Angelus Errare over at NeoGaf) Added 2 more videos. Source.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

So what do you think of the game based on the 3 videos? I personally look forward to seeing how the game turns out.