Latest YouTube for Android TV Update Brings Support for 8K Streaming


For many, streaming in 8K is still a dream. As a matter of fact, even when you are talking about 4K streaming, many people find themselves in conflict situations. Either their internet does not support it, or their TV or monitor does not. Despite the market having several 8K TVs running on Android TV, the standard Android TV boxes have been limited to 4K streaming when you are talking about YouTube content, even when the higher resolution content was available.

Well, the good news is that 8K video streaming support is now rolling out in a limited capacity for Android TV. You will need YouTube for Android TV version 2.12.08, according to the folks over at Android Police. Do keep in mind that this still is a limited rollout, so if you have not received the update, you shouldn't worry, as it will happen sooner or later. You will also need to be running Android 10 or above to even see that option in the first place.

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YouTube for Android TV Finally Gets 8K Video Streaming But the Availability is Very Limited

Now, we understand that 8K TVs are still not as common as some of us would hope. However, the good news is that you can still benefit from this feature by playing at the 8K resolution and displaying it on a 4K TV; the downscaling will allow for much better sharpness and image scaling.

Additionally, streaming a lot of 8K content on your Android TV box is also going to result in you hitting the data cap pretty early on, assuming that you have a data cap in the first place. Hopefully, the H.266 video encoding is coming soon, and it will allow for an enhanced bit-rate, as well.

Here's a changelog for those who are wondering what the new YouTube for Android TV app brings.

• Display YouTube Music splash screen
• Cast Connect support
• Limited 8K support to Android 10 and up
• Improved resolution selection
• Fixed incorrect date and time issues
• Various other platform improvements

Have you received the update? Let us know how your experience has been streaming in 8K on YouTube.