Kingdom Hearts III Graphics/Performance Options Confirmed

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts III releases in North America and Europe next week, but the game is already available in Japan. Players with a Japanese copy of the game have confirmed that the game comes with unannounced graphics and performance options.

By accessing the Options menu, there's a section called graphics that allows players to choose between Standard Mode and Stable mode. The first mode offers better frame rate at the cost of graphics, while the second offers better graphics at the cost of performance. According to reports, the two modes are also available for the base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One models.

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Standard Mode(標準モード): Offers better frame rate at the cost of graphics


”The graphics movement will be smooth”

Stable Mode (安定モード): Offers better graphics at the cost of performance.


Frame rate will be stable.

On a related note, director Tetsuya Nomura recently talked about leaks with Famitsu, stating that he may reconsider simultaneous worldwide releases for his games due to them, as translated by Siliconera.

The only thing that really disappointed me about everything, is that it brought sad thoughts to people who were looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3. The risk is higher with simultaneous worldwide releases, and because of this incident, I can’t help but reconsider what I’ll do for my next games – including simultaneous worldwide releases of physical copies at the very least.

Kingdom Hearts III launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29th.

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