Just Cause 3 Shows Its Unparalleled Destruction

Just Cause 3 is set to take destruction in games to an entirely new level, keeping with the franchise tradition.

Earlier today, Square Enix and Avalanche Studios sent a press release with a new dev diary about destruction in Just Cause 3. Game Director Roland Lesterlin stated:

We’ve been focused purely on the new generation of high-end technology from the very beginning of development. This huge amount of extra horsepower allows us to do things that simply weren’t possible until now.

If you want to know everything about destruction in this game, you would do well to attend the JUST CAUSE 3 – A BEAUTIFUL PLAYGROUND OF CREATIVE DESTRUCTION panel during PAX Prime.

Beginning at 3PM Pacific on August 28, this presentation will be hosted by Greg Miller at the Sphinx theatre. Avalanche Studio's Fred Hooper (Lead VFX artist) and Niklas Norin (Lead AI Designer) alongside Havok's Cormac O'Brien will reveal the technical details on why the combination of destruction, physics and AI will make Just Cause 3 special.

The game is set to launch on December 1 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with Rico still starring as the main character. The setting is a bit different, however: the Medici island, although as big as the one featured in the previous game (400 square KM), is fictionally located in the Mediterranean, and supposedly it's also Rico's home.

The main villain is General Di Ravello, a brutal dictator who obviously set his eyes on world domination.

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