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Jon Cartwright On Why He’s Leaving GameXplain, Nintendo Leaks, Mario’s 35th And More – Wccftech Interviews


Welcome to a new series on Wccftech TV, Wccftech Interviews. In this series we'll be talking to industry professionals from different positions in the YouTube and gaming industries, discussing behind-the-scenes details the average fan might not know. The purpose of this series is to offer insight into the wider gaming industry and the personalities within it, directly from the source. In time we'll be hosting a variety of well-known developers, influencers, personalities, and journalists, and asking them the questions you're curious about.

This time we're talking to Jon Cartwright, a fan-favorite member of the GameXplain team. We ask him about his departure from the team, what it's like to be a part of a YouTube channel with more than one million subscribers, how gaming leaks affect the industry, and Mario's belated 35th-anniversary celebrations.

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