ITC To Investigate Samsung’s Patent Suit Against Nvidia

It's official, the US International Trade Commission has opened an investigation into Samsung's patent infringement claims against Nvidia. This update came from the ITC last Tuesday as it announced that it will look into Samsung's claim of Nvidia and a number of its partners violating several of Samsung's patents in a great number of products.

Nvidia, Samsung & Qualcomm patent warSamsung alleges that Nvidia is actively infringing upon several of its patents that deal with SOC structures, memory arrays, semiconductor buffering among many others. Samsung also alleges that Nvidia partook in false advertising efforts that claimed the Tegra SOC in its Shield tablets as the world's fastest processor and as a result the Korean giant is seeking a permanent ban of almost all of Nvidia's products from the US. This includes shield tablets, GeForce graphics cards,  Tegra SOCs, Quadro graphics cards, Tesla accelerators, Grid cloud accelerators in addition to a number of tablets and gaming consoles by the company's  partners.

International Trade Commission Opens Investigation into Samsung's Claims Against Nvidia

This all began when Nvidia first sued both Samsung and Qualcomm over patent infringement claims of GPU patents around unified shaders, parallel processing and programmable shading. The allegations spanned seven patents and were brought up to both the ITC and the U.S. District Court in Delaware.

Nvidia hopes that the jury trial in Delaware would result in the jurors deciding in favor of Nvidia and thus earn damages for the company.It didn't stop there it also filed a complaint to the International Trade Commission demanding a ban on a great number of Samsung products. Including the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab s, Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab tablets.

This resulted in retaliation by Samsung in which case it began a counter suit of its own in federal court as well as the aforementioned complaint to the ITC that may result in a ban on almost all of Nvidia's products in the US.

If it's successful in the ITC complaint, Samsung will have prevented a large amount of Nvidia's products -- touching just about every one of Nvidia's businesses -- from entering the US, potentially delivering a disastrous blow to Nvidia's finances.

Unfortunately for Nvidia the product cadence for Samsung is much faster and the lifetime of mobile products is much shorter. Which means that a ban on Samsung mobile devices would arrive too late to have any significant impact. This makes the jury trial in Delaware the one to pay attention to as it's going to be the one that would benefit Nvidia the most if decided in its favor.

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