It Is Now Possible to Post Reviews for Google Assistant’s Actions and Apps

Anil Ganti
Google Assistant

Thanks to the plethora of services it supports, one ends up talking to a lot of services via the Google Assistant. The most common interactions are with Google services such as Weather, Maps, Calendar, etc. People using Assistant-enabled devices such as Philips Hue lighting systems, Nest Thermostats and August Smart Locks, on the other hand, have to interact with the corresponding services designed by the manufacturer. The list of things the Google Assistant can do is a laundry list of commands, many of which also involve interaction with third-party services.

Thankfully, Google has compiled it all in a handy webpage which is easily accessible via the web and via mobile. You can access it by tapping the blue envelop-like icon on the top right corner of the Assistant and navigate to the Explore option. Previously, one could only rate the Assistant actions and services. There was no option to review them; which is an essential part of any experience. As of today, you can articulate about just how much you like/dislike a particular service, but only on mobile.

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To leave a review for a particular service, navigate to the to Explore option as mentioned above, choose or search for the service you're looking for, and you'll be able to scroll down to see existing reviews from users and add your own. Don't expect to see a whole lot of them, considering the feature has been around for only two days. For now, the functionalities are limited to editing your own review, a thumbs up and down button for other people's review and the good old report button. It shouldn't be long before we see a Play Store-esque level of polish.

Written reviews are essential for any product, as it lets user explain what they like/dislike about an app and describe any problems they have in detail. Unlike the Play Store, Google Assistant apps are used by relatively fewer people, so developers can individually address problems on a user-by-user basis. The feature should go live on your device anytime, and if it hasn't, update the Google Assistant app on your device and try again. I haven't been able to leave a review yet and will update the post once I am.

News Source: Android Police

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