New iPod Touch 4G announced at Apple Media Event

Syavash Pahore

Finally, the September 1st Apple Media event has passed and now we can seperate the rumours from the actual facts.

Leading up to the event, there were many speculations as to a new iPod Touch which will have several features first introduced in the iPhone 4. Thankfully the rumours was true! The new iPod Touch 4G has been announced with starting prices at $229. The device will have a retina display, gyroscope and two cameras, one on the front for Facetime calls and one on the back for HD video recording. Apart from the new hardware additions, the existing processor will be replaced with an A4 processor for a smoother experience.

I have to say the iPod Touch finally got the upgrades it deserved, since the iPod Nano got a camera and the iPhone 4 got announced/released, people have been waiting for the iPod Touch to get updated and now the new version is finally available for Pre-order. You can also buy it later on when it gets launched after one week.


$229 for the 8GB model
$299 for the 32GB model
$399 for the 64GB model


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