Survey Shows Two Very Important Reasons Why Customers Didn’t Get the iPhone X or iPhone 8

Omar Sohail

Despite reporting a quarterly revenue record, Apple was not very successful when it came to the iPhone X and iPhone 8 sales. The latest survey reveals that there are two important reasons why customers decided not to upgrade to Apple’s high-end phone offerings when they were first launched in 2017.

Lots of Customers Chose to Hold Off Their Purchase of the iPhone X Because Their Current Phone Was Working Without Flaws

According to a survey of 1500 iPhone owners conducted by analysts at Piper Jaffray, people are looking for a bigger range of new smartphones. There is some hope for Apple here after all.

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A Michael J. Olson and Yung Kim wrote:

“Our survey of 1,500 iPhone users shows that [around] 40% have not upgraded to iPhone X because they either feel the device is too expensive (31%) or they prefer a larger screen (8%).”

Another cue for Apple is that 44 percent of the people didn’t upgrade because their current iPhone works fine. This means they didn’t feel the need to buy a new phone and the new offering wasn’t compulsive enough.

The analysts think that the upcoming iPhones will address the two key issues: the iPhone X was crazy expensive and it should have been bigger. They also expect more iPhone sales in 2019 than anticipated. Piper Jaffray also predicts a long cycle where Apple will slowly roll out iPhone X features to the rest of the lineup.

Apple is reportedly working on three new iPhone models which will be released this year. One of them would be the biggest iPhone in history, and consequently, could be the most expensive one released as well. We can dub it the iPhone X Plus for now. The second one will be similar in size to the iPhone X and will be called the iPhone X successor for now. The third one would be cheaper and will have some of the features of the flagship released in 2017.

Usually, Apple doesn’t release such a range of phones at once but will be doing it this time to target people who like bigger phones and those who don’t want to shell out a thousand dollars for the iPhone X. Right now, the company’s rivals cater to that section of the market. Even though the tech giant marketed the iPhone X as its most innovated phone in years, the company wasn’t able to drive up sales.

News Source: Barrons

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