A Prominent Wireless Charging Tech Company CEO Calls Wireless Charging a “Standard Feature in the Next iPhone”

iPhone 8 wireless charging

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the iPhone lineup, this year's rumored iPhone 8 is expected to bring a number of new features and design changes. Major improvements include OLED display and wireless charging. Several rumors and reports had previously indicated that Cupertino tech giant is finally ready to bring better screen technology along with wireless charging to catch up with its Android competition. Now, the CEO of a premier wireless technology company appears to believe the same.

iPhone 8 wireless technology - a done deal?

iPhone 8 wireless charging feature has been mentioned in more than a few rumors and analyst reports. Back in February, Apple officially confirmed joining the Wireless Power Consortium further fueling these expectations. Now, the CEO of a wireless charging technology company has said he considers iPhone 8 wireless charging a "standard feature in the next iPhone," hinting that he is certain that it will definitely happen.

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In an unrelated announcement press release, Powermat CEO Elad Dubzinski said (via 9to5mac):

"With the recent announcement by Apple that wireless charging will become a standard feature in the next iPhone, we are finally at the threshold of mainstream adoption," said Mr. Dubzinski. "Dan Stone has a proven track record of success and is uniquely qualified to help guide Powermat to the next level of service delivery. Under his guidance, CompuCom has enjoyed a reputation for delivering unparalleled IT support for enterprise clients and their end users. We look forward to benefitting from his experience and guidance."

Apple hasn't itself made any announcement claiming that wireless charging will become a standard feature. But, Dubzinski could be referring to the company's joining the WPC. "Apple is an active member of many standards development organizations, as both a leader and contributor," Apple has said following its joining of the Consortium. "Apple is joining the Wireless Power Consortium to be able to participate and contribute ideas to the open, collaborative development of future wireless charging standards."

Following Apple's announcement, Powermat had said that the company "would be ready to support iPhones with whatever wireless charging protocol Apple employs," hinting that it doesn't really know how Apple will approach wireless charging.

While probably nothing more than an expectation based on insider and analyst reports, Powermat CEO's statement further adds to several previous reports, including those from the KGI Securities and analyst Christopher Roland, that we will soon be seeing iPhones supporting wireless charging. About time?

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