iPhone 2021 Model to Get in-Screen Touch ID, and Face ID Support, Claims Famed Apple Analyst

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The home button isn’t making a return to future iPhone models but there is a possibility that Apple’s exploring a way to incorporate an in-screen fingerprint reader. According to popular TF International Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple might be prepping an iPhone 2021 model that will provide support for not just Face ID, but Touch ID as well. Since all future iterations are expected to feature OLED screens, it will become simpler for Apple to use under-display fingerprint scanners, and if we’re lucky, the sensors at the top of the iPhone’s display used for facial recognition might somehow be embedded beneath that display.

Kuo Claims That Apple Will Resolve a Lot of Technical Issues in the Future, Allowing It to Deliver a Top-Notch Experience for Users When It Comes to its Products

Kuo predicts in a fresh report that Apple is attempting to unify the biometric experiences of both facial and fingerprint recognition. The company has filed numerous patents related to this, meaning that there’s a chance a future iPhone model might provide support for both security features. One reason why Apple didn’t want to settle with an in-screen fingerprint scanner when its competitors were launching devices in droves with this option was mainly due to how slow the authentication process in comparison to traditional fingerprint readers.

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These scanners also consume more power, the modules are thicker in size, and too much time will be used up in the production line. Kuo believes that Apple intends to get rid of these limitations, presenting a seamless experience for the user, which might materialize in an iPhone 2021 model. To present additional flexibility to the user when authenticating, there’s a possibility Apple will use a sensor that will cover a major part of the iPhone’s display. In this manner, you’ll be able to place your registered finger anywhere and obtain access to the home screen, instead of having to place it in just one area.

Kuo also states that if the Apple Watch gained a security feature down the road, it would most likely be an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, though details of the report does not specify if the company is actually working on this kind of technology. While the famed Apple analyst does have a phenomenal record when it comes to the technology giant’s products, we still recommend you treat this report with a pinch of salt, and we’ll be back with more updates.

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News Source: 9to5Mac

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