Upcoming iPad Pro Model’s Resolution Has Been Leaked and You’ll Appreciate That Improvement


It is expected that Apple will be introducing a total a three new iPad Pro models, including a new 10.5-inch slate during the month of March and according to a new set of information that we have gained our hands on, the resolution of one model has allegedly been detailed.

iPad Pro Models Will Not Be Touching the 4K Resolution Mark, But You’re Still Getting Crisp Video Quality Regardless

You guys might be disappointed to hear that no iPad Pro model refresh will be touting a 4K display, and that is actually a really good approach. Though Apple’s chipsets are definitely the kings of performance, even they have their limits and I am pretty sure that battery life and the GPU will be extremely taxed if such a display was added. To recap, the tech giant is going to be announcing a total of three iPad Pro models with varied screen sizes listed below:

Apple’s Upcoming Larger, Less Expensive iPhone 14 Model Will Be Called iPhone 14 Plus

  • 9.7-inch
  • 12.9-inch
  • 10.5-inch

According to Rhoda Alexander, Director Tablets and PCs at IHS Markit (via Forbes) stated the following regarding which upcoming iPad Pro will have which resolution:

  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro: 2,224 × 1,668 at 264 PPI (equal to the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro at 2,048 × 1,536)

The rest of the resolutions for the remaining iPad Pro models have not been leaked but since the pixel per inch density of the aforementioned tablet is pretty much the same as that of the 9.7-inch previous generation iPad Pro, it is possible that Apple retains the same resolutions that were being resonated on previous versions of the company’s powerful slate family.

Apple iPad Pro family announcement is going to take place during the month of March, and we are expecting a lot of powerful hardware present in all three tablet models. Let us hope that the company leaves us impressed with the upcoming unveiling. What sort of features are you expecting from all three models? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.