iOS 12.2 Apparently Fixes the Glass Screen Protector Issue Affecting 11-inch 2018 iPad Pro

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Annoyed by the tempered glass screen protector touch responsiveness issue on your 11-inch iPad Pro? Then you might want to upgrade to iOS 12.2.

If you recently bought a 11-inch iPad Pro, the 2018 model, then you might have realized that the tablet behaves in a very odd way when you apply a tempered glass screen protector. The screen goes haywire and fails to register touches occasionally until or unless you touch the frame of the iPad while going about your business.

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The only way to remedy this problem was either you give up using a screen protector completely or go for a film-type screen protector. You know, those old-school protectors that are made of flimsy plastic and get scratched easily. Not pretty in any way.

But, if you install iOS 12.2 on your iPad Pro right now, you'll notice that the touch responsiveness has massively improved even with a protector on, especially the glass variety. This thread on Reddit seems to confirm that as well.

But of course, I wasn't going to let mere words on the internet be a confirmation for a fix to this problem. Therefore I went out, grabbed a tempered glass screen protector for my iPad Pro, and you know what? Everything is just fine now. It's like the problem didn't even exist in the first place. What sorcery is this? And oh, I didn't go for a high-end glass protector either so the problem is forced to surface no matter what. But hey, it's all good now. iOS 12.2 apparently did fix the issue.

So yeah, it's safe to say that you can go ahead and apply a tempered glass protector on your Liquid Retina display if you are planning to keep it safe at all times.

If you are looking to upgrade to iOS 12.2 right now, then you can head over to the link below:

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