Intel Unleashes Arc Pro Graphics For Desktop & Mobile Platforms: Arc Pro A50, Arc Pro A40, Arc Pro A30M

Aug 8, 2022 14:36 EDT
Intel Unleashes Arc Pro Graphics For Desktop & Mobile Platforms: Arc Pro A50, Arc Pro A40, Arc Pro A30M

Intel has announced the launch of its brand new Arc Pro graphics lineup which include the Arc Pro A50, A40 & A30M for desktop and mobile PCs.

Intel Brings Arc Pro Graphics To Desktop & Mobile PCs With Arc Pro A50, A40 & A30M GPUs

The Intel Arc Pro series graphics cards feature the Alchemist graphics cards and come as an entry-level solution for workstation desktops and laptops. Coming straight to the specifications, the top Arc Pro A50 graphics card features the full ACM-G11 GPU with 8 Xe-Cores, 128 EUs, 1024 ALUs, a 2 GHz clock speed, and a 75W TDP coupled with 6 GB of memory running at 16 Gbps for 192 GB/s of total bandwidth. The Arc Pro A40 features the exact same specifications but tones down the specs with a 50W TDP limit. Meanwhile, the Arc A30M for laptops features the same core config but cuts down the memory specs by 4 GB across a 64-bit bus interface allowing up to 128 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

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Arc Pro A50 Graphics Card:

Arc Pro A40 Graphics Card:

The Intel Arc A50 comes in a dual-slot but small form factor design with a shrouded interior that features a small PWM fan with four DisplayPorts while the Arc A40 features an HFLF (Half-Height and Half-Length) design with the same display configuration. The GPUs feature a PCIe Gen 4.0 x8 interface across all SKUs and require no external power delivery to boot.

All GPUs offer up to 2 8K, 1 5K (W), two 5K, and 4 4K screens to be run through them (at once). All GPUs are supplemented with the support for the latest APIs such as DirectX II Ultimate, OpenCL, Vulkan, and support DXR Ray-tracing.

Intel Arc Pro A40 GPU Intel Arc Pro A50 GPU Intel Arc Pro A30M GPU (Mobile)
Peak Performance 3.50 TFLOPs at Single Precision 4.80 TFLOPs at Single Precision 3.50 TFLOPs at Single Precision
Xe-core 8x Ray Trace Cores 8x Ray Trace Cores 8x Ray Trace Cores
Display Outputs 4x mini-DP 1.4 with Audio Support 4x mini-DP 1.4 with Audio Support Laptop Specific with Support for up to 4x
General 50w Peak Power in a Single Slot Form Factor 75w Peak Power in a Dual Slot Form Factor 35-50w Peak Power and ISV Software Certified

Press Release: Today Intel introduced the Intel Arc Pro A-series professional range of graphics processing units (GPUs). The first products are the Intel Arc Pro A30M GPU for mobile form factors and the Intel Arc Pro A40 (single slot) and A50 (dual slot) GPUs for small form factor desktops. They all feature built-in ray tracing hardware, machine learning capabilities, and the industry-first AV1 hardware encoding acceleration.

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Intel Arc Pro A-series graphics are targeting certifications with leading professional software applications within the architecture, engineering and construction, and design and manufacturing industries. Intel Arc Pro GPUs are also optimized for media and entertainment applications like Blender, and run the open source libraries in the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit, which are widely adopted and integrated into industry-leading rendering tools.

Intel Arc Pro GPUs will be available starting later this year from leading mobile and desktop ecosystem partners. For developers and content creators attending SIGGRAPH on Aug. 8- 11, demos using Intel Arc Pro systems and Intel one API Rendering Toolkit can be seen at the Intel Booth, #427.


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