Intel Tiger Lake 4.8 GHz Launch Promotional Videos And New Xe Brand Logos Leak Out

An AI upscaled image of the new core branding from Intel.

A massive amount of marketing material for Intel's upcoming CORE rebranding and Tiger Lake launch has leaked out on twitter (@h0x0d via Videocardz). The marketing materials show everything from the technological achievements of the Tiger Lake platform to new branding for the Core series (and Xe integrated GPUs). Laptops of add-in board members like Lenovo with promotions for Tiger Lake-based processors have also leaked out.

Intel new branding promotional videos leak out

Intel's original 10nm architecture Sunny Cove had great IPC but could not sustain high enough clock rates. To fix this, Intel developed a new type of transistor called a SuperFin. You can read more about Intel's 10nm SuperFin transistor over here. Tiger Lake also utilizes Willow Cove cores which doubles the bandwidth and shifts to a double ring architecture.

It is essentially a vastly improved version of Sunny Cove and combined with the Intel SuperFin process, it turns Tiger Lake into a truly formidable beast. Tiger Lake also ships with the company's first Xe iGPU which can achieve up to 2.6 TFLOPs of performance - absolutely insane for such a tiny chip. All that said, here are some of the snapshot of the new marketing material featuring a screenshot of a TGL CPU running at 4.8 GHz stable.


Without any further ado, here is the first of the promotional videos:

Official Tiger Lake platform introduction video

The leaker did not stop there as we  have not only the TGL platform video but the more generalized 11th generation CPU video touting CPU and GPU performance upgrades.

Intel 11th generation CPUs and GPUs promotional video:

Promotional videos of Intel's partners touting the Evo hybrid technology from Intel were also leaked. Ironically, however, it looks like HP forgot to use Intel's updated logo at the end:

HP Intel Evo series promotional video:

Intel's EVO  series will be able to do wonders for the thin and light section offering battery performance of the smartphone class (thanks to small cores) and actual compute performance of standard laptops (thanks to big cores). The updated Intel logo can also be seen at the end of the video. You can see the promotional video for this segment here:

Intel New Core i7 EVO thin and light laptops promotional video

The promotional video of the upcoming Lenovo Yoga 9i also leaked out featuring Intel's new Evo processors:

Lenovo Yoga 9i with new Intel processors promotional video

Intel is planning to launch their new brand identity and the Tiger Lake processors on 2nd Septmeber 2020 so drop in!

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