Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake New Video Focuses on Characters


A new Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake video has been shared online today, focusing on the game's characters.

The new video, which can be watched below, details not only the characters but also how Midgar has been recreated for the remake and more. Some new never heard before music, such as the new rendition of the iconic Aerith theme can also be heard in the video.

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Yesterday, it has been confirmed by the game's co-director Naoki Hamaguchi that a new upper floor to the Shinra Building will be featured in the game, and navigating the new area will require Red XIII's unique physical abilities. The game will also feature plenty of end-game content in the vein of previous entries in the series.

The development team feels the same way that the fans do when it comes to seeing Red XIII as an important character, and we designed his gameplay in a special way to offset him not being playable in battle. I won’t reveal exactly what that entails, because I want people to enjoy it when they actually play the game, but I will say that Final Fantasy VII Remake has added a new upper floor to the Shinra Building to present a climax that was not in the original. The key to navigating this floor lies in using Red XIII’s unique physical abilities to overcome environmental obstacles. Letting the player experience his heroics in this way is something that I’m confident will please the fans.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on PlayStation 4 on April 10th.