HP’s latest netbook aimed at school children


HP has introduced a new netbook designed for school children. The HP Mini 100e netbook has a rugged build and a spill-resistant keyboard to ensure children don't accidentaly damage the netbook. It even has a LED on the back of the LCD display that lights up to indicate the laptop is being used for surfing the web so that teachers are aware of children's activities.

Priced at $299 the netbook weighs 3.2pounds which could be a significant problem since such devices for children should be VERY lightweight and portable. The netbook will not be for sale directly to children instead it will be provided to educational facilities.


  • Intel Atom N455 processor
  • 160GB hard drive
  • 10inch LED Display
  • Ethernet adapter and Wifi
  • An option between a 3cell or 6cell battery depending on use
  • Comes with essential pre-installed software such as MS Office
  • A choice of Windows 7, Linux Enterprise 1.1 or Windows XP to run the netbook