Net Speed Indicator Lets You Monitor Your Home Network in Detail

As someone who has multiple devices utilizing internet spread across multiple users, I suffer from a situation in which more often than not, I am left wondering if the internet connection is being utilized by others or not, or is my modem even giving me proper stats. There are many situations in which your phone is the culprit because of some background process that is completely out of sight for you, and in such situations, hoping for the last bit of speed is all you can do.

This is a common occurrence, especially for people who have a number of devices connected on the same network. Monitoring your internet connection can become a difficult task.

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Net Speed Indicator Allows You to Monitor Your Internet Connection With Simplicity

Now there are countless apps that will allow you to monitor your internet connection with ease. However, over the past couple of months, we have had a rather mixed experience with these apps. Some were excellent while others failed to deliver altogether.

This is where Net Speed Indicator comes into play, a rather handy app that allows you to monitor your home network with ease. The app is really handy and will allow you to monitor how much data is being used on a daily as well as monthly basis. Installing and launching the app will bring you to the home screen that is neat and has all the information neatly presented to you.

Net Speed Indicator

Another great thing about this app that I like is how it can let you monitor both your home network and your data. Additionally, you can also find out which apps are using the most data. This is most useful when it comes to some rogue apps that just love hogging on the data and you are left wondering why your internet connection is slow.

Last but not the least, the app also comes with an integrated speed test that is powered by Ookla. So, you know that you are getting the real deal. You can launch the speed test by clicking on the gauge button on the main home screen, and you are good to go. The speed test works just fine as you would expect it, without any hiccups.

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Overall, if you are looking for a definitive experience on monitoring your network through an app on your phone, things don't really get better than the Net Speed Indicator. The app is simple to use, does not take a lot of resources, and will certainly let you know if your data is being used elsewhere.


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