How to Recover Deleted Passwords in Google Chrome

Recover Passwords in Google

Password managers are a blessing as they help you manage and keep secure passwords. However, not everyone is willing to invest in password managers. If you are someone who uses the in-built Google Chrome password manager, you already know that you will lose the password across all synced devices if you delete a password from Chrome. However, there is a way to recover these. In this tutorial, I will show you how to recover deleted passwords in Google Chrome on your Windows 10 computers.

Recover Deleted Passwords in Google Chrome

To make sure that this works, you need to have a device that has Google Chrome installed. However, it should be a device where you aren’t logged in. This is because if you are logged in, Chrome will automatically sync the changes to this device.

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Step-1: Open Google Chrome on the device you used to delete the passwords [I am using a Windows 10 computer. The process will essentially be the same for other devices, but the placement of settings options will vary.]

Step-2: Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner.

Step-3: Select Settings.

Recover deleted passwords on Google Chrome

Step-4: Select Sync and Google services option.

Recover deleted passwords on Google Chrome
Step-5: Select Review your synced data.

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Synced Data
Step-6: This will open another chrome tab. Scroll down and select CLEAR DATA.

Clear Synced Data
Step-7: You will be asked for confirmation. Select OK.

Recover deleted passwords on Google Chrome
Open Chrome on New Device

  1.  Now open a device where you haven’t been logged in on Google Chrome before.
  2. Open Google Chrome.
  3.  Once again, open Settings on this device. [The settings placement will vary depending on what device you open.]
  4.  Sign in using your Google Account [the same account for which you deleted the passwords.]
  5.  Now, open the device where you deleted the passwords.
  6.  In this device, open Settings.
  7.  Click on the Turn on sync option next to your profile name.
  8.  Wait a few minutes and then check the passwords. You will have successfully recovered the deleted passwords.
  9.  If there were other devices you were logged into, make sure that you turn on sync for them individually.

Hopefully, this will help you recover the password. The process can be confusing, especially since you have to switch back and forth between devices, but hopefully, it will pay off if such a situation arises.

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