How to Find Out MagSafe Charger Firmware, How to Update [Guide]

Uzair Ghani
Update MagSafe Charger firmware

Today we will show you can check which firmware your MagSafe Charger has and how you can update to the latest one, if there is one available.

You Can Find Out the MagSafe Charger Firmware Version and Update it Overnight Over the Air

Apple released the MagSafe Charger alongside the iPhone 12 lineup. Thanks to built-in magnets, the charger snaps into place and offers up to 15W of wireless charging speeds. It's fantastic and you'll be surprised to learn that the charger actually has firmware of its own to keep things running nice and efficiently.

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But, the thing is, while you can check the firmware yourself, updating is actually a tricky and time-consuming process and it mainly happens on its own, specifically overnight.

Before we go ahead and tell you how you can check which firmware your current MagSafe Charger is running, keep in mind that you cannot check if there is a new one available. If there is a firmware update available, it will be installed on its own. So, with that out of the way, let us show how you can check which firmware your current MagSafe Charger is running.

Check Apple MagSafe Charger Firmware

Step 1. Connect the MagSafe Charger to your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13.

Step 2. Launch the Settings app on your phone.

Step 3. Now select General, then About.

Step 4. Over here you'll see a new entry called Apple MagSafe Charger; tap on it to open.

Step 5. Over here you'll see all the necessary information including the firmware version.

How to Update MagSafe Charger

Like I said, there is no manual way to update the firmware. But, I've tried different methods to see if the firmware is installed on the charger somehow and only one of them works: leave your iPhone on charge on the MagSafe Charger overnight, and make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. You'll wake up to a fresh new firmware the next morning, if there is one available.

If you think the update will install while you're picking up a small charge on your iPhone, you'd be wrong. It just doesn't work like that for some reason. Apple has made sure the firmware installs during complete idle time, and that time is nighttime.

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