Fake Microsoft Surface Phone Renders Take Internet By Storm; Provide Sharp Corners & Aesthetics

Ramish Zafar

Microsoft's Surface Phone is a mysterious device. The rumor mill, and Redmond itself seem undecided with the device's future. At one end we hear that the Surface Phone will launch next year. On the other, there's virtually nothing on the device to go ahead with. Save the fact that it'll run the Snapdragon 835 and support x86, no other information has surfaced for Microsoft's expect foray in the smartphone world. That's why a couple of alleged renders became very popular, very soon. While these have been debunked now, you can take a look below to judge for yourself if you like.

Fake Microsoft Surface Phone Renders Cause Excitement All Around

As 2016 ends, Microsoft's made a couple of good moves. The company that's known for its prowess with software has made a successful entry in hardware as well. The Surface Pro 4 is a good device that builds well on its successors. The Surface Book also provides users a nice option to combine productivity and portability in a single package. While the company's sales numbers are no where near Apple's, as some folks believe, it's a good start for Microsoft nonetheless.

Now, we've been expecting this successful approach to translate in a mobile gadget for quite a while. The rumor mill's made some mention of the Surface Phone, which is enough to ensure that the device doesn't die out completely from public thought. The little information that has appeared so far pegs the device with a 20MP rear camera, Snapdragon 835 and x86 support. Now, you can take a look at some fake renders for the device too.


As you can see above, the mages provide a very good looking device. With its sharp corners, minimum bezels and an elegant interface, the alleged Surface Phone scores a lot of design wins. The rear camera also lives up to the rumors of being able to support 20MP. If you look closely, it sports the Carl Zeiss branding, which any camera lover will be very familiar with. Ironically, it's the same branding which gave the images away. The logo in question hasn't been used for quite a while and so roused a lot of skepticism.

While the images above are fake, the overall approach that Microsoft's expected to take with the Surface Phone should be similar. Given that the device will be the Surface lineup's extension in mobile, you should expect the same rigid design specifications. There's also the question of accessory connectivity that Microsoft might want to look at if it wants to make the portfolio complete. Meanwhile, we're just hoping that the device gets a fixed launch schedule. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.

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