Here Are Some Paid iPhone Apps You Can Download Absolutely Free Today


It's a brand new day, folks. And it's a beautiful day to download some paid iPhone apps for free. So let's jump right in and get the premium stuff without spending a dime.

Download Paid iPhone Apps & Games Absolutely Free for a Limited Time.

Before you go ahead with the download, just make sure that the 'free' offer has not ended. There is a possibility that some of these apps and games will return to their original prices very soon. If they have, then it's best to move onto the next app gone free.

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Fuelly - Regular price $5.99, Now FREE.

Easily track your vehicle’s fuel economy and vehicle maintenance records. Set up reminders to keep on top of maintenance tasks such as oil changes and tire rotations. Fuelly makes it easy for you to save money with gas mileage calculations (MPG) and service reminders.

Download Fuelly for iOS [App Store link]

Pocket Rogues: Ultimate - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE.

Pocket Rogues - a whole world consisting of generated locations and dungeons. This is an honest and harsh Action-RPG with the Roguelike elements, made in pixel 2D retro style and fully in real time!

Battles in real time will challenge any hardcore gamer, and the exploration of the environment and many unusual mechanics will drag you to long hours.

Download Pocket Rogues: Ultimate for iOS [App Store link]

Throwback Stories - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE.

Throwback Stories helps you create stunning Instagram Stories from your memories, providing a set of useful tools to enhance and animate your stories. No more 24-hour limit, ugly cropping or rotated landscape stories!

Download Throwback Stories for iOS [App Store link]

Metadata - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE.

Metadata is an image metadata viewer for creative professionals on the go.

Simply choose an image from your photo library and view the image metadata in a beautiful card based layout. Wether you shoot on your phone, DSLR or create images in your favourite photo editing application, Metadata will show you your image measurements, DPI, file size, Location data and device information.

Download Metadata for iOS [App Store link]

CalcKey - Regular price $2.99, Now FREE.

CalcKey is a calculator iMessage app for iPhone. CalcKey allows you to perform calculations right within iMessage, without even having to leave the app, so you finally work out exactly how much your friend owes you for dinner more quickly and easily.

With fun bouncing animations, bright, bold colors and speed and simplicity, calculating sums has never been so fun!

Download CalcKey for iOS [App Store link]

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Card Link - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE.

Card Link is the business solution for professionals to bring the business card up to date with the rest of the digital world.

Download Card Link for iOS [App Store link]

Orderly - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE.

"Orderly is designed based on how the human-mind visualizes to-do lists !" It is a nice and incredibly easy to use to-do list app, that features a breath-taking interface, seamless cloud sync, and comes with "Location Based Reminders", so that the users never miss a to-do task at a particular location.

Download Orderly for iOS [App Store link]