Henry Cavill, The Man of Steel & Geralt of Rivia, Chooses Noctua & NZXT Cooling For His PC To Tackle The Heatwave

Aug 1, 2022 03:33 EDT
Henry Cavill, The Man of Steel & Geralt of Rivia, Chooses Noctua & NZXT Cooling For His PC To Tackle The Heatwave

The Man of Steel & Geralt of Rivia himself, Henry Cavill, has decided to choose Noctua's & NZXT's cooling solution for his PC to tackle the recent heat wave.

The Man of Steel Himself, Henry Cavill, Upgrades His PC With Noctua's & NZXT's Cooling Solutions To Tackle The Recent Heat Wave

As a huge fan of Henry Cavill's portrayal of the Man of Steel in the DCEU & his superb performance as the Geralt of Rivia, this is a huge fanboy moment for me. Henry Cavill is known for being part of the PC Master Race, he built his own PC and he's an avid PC gamer himself.

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On Instagram, Cavill posted a picture of his PC in which he states that his older PC gave up on him during the recent heat wave. So as an upgrade, Henry Cavill went with a brand spanking new NZXT Kraken series cooler but surprisingly, he didn't go with the stock NZXT fans. The Man of Steel went full-DIY with some Noctua fans which are known for their amazing performance while running real silent. Another plus side is that they don't feature RGB at all which is great for LED heathens.

Due to excessive transit over the years, and no doubt the recent heat wave, my AIO cooler decided to give up on me (which is a computer thing for those scratching their heads right now). Soooo while replacing it I decided to upgrade my fans as well. These little beauties run niiiiice and quietly. I still have 2 more on the way to complete the set, but I became enormously impatient and installed the ones I had anyway.

And for those in the know, don't worry, those temps are in game.

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With his whole setup upgraded, Henry reported peak temps under 70C while gaming which is the sweet spot for any PC. Surely, being a PC writer and a PC gamer myself and following Henry for such a long time, this is definitely exciting stuff to report. Cavill also has more fans coming in to complete his set since he got space for 1 more Noctua fan on the front of the chassis and he will also be replacing the rear exhaust fan with his new Noctua breezers!

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