Hardware: Rivals, Vehicular Mayhem is Going to be a PS4 Exclusive

Jeff Williams

The PlayStation 4 is getting another exclusive in the form of some fantastic looking vehicle based combat in Hardware: Rivals.

Whimsical vehicular mayhem is making its way onto the PS4 with Hardware: Rivals.

Hardware: Rivals is the sequel to the PlayStation's very first multiplayer online experience that originally game out in 2002, Hardware: Online Arena. Like the original that came out so long ago, you'll be able to take a vehicle, upgrade it with a plethora of different weapons and options and compete in large open arenas to destroy others.

It looks like there'll be deathmatch and team deathmatch competitions and they promise to have in-game special events to help bolster a more active community. They say they want to add new "twists" to the game every now and then.

So far, from the screenshots and the video it seems that the varied and complex environments could provide for a very fun time. Huge worlds with vehicle options from small buggies to massive tanks could make for some entertaining combat.

Hardware: Rivals
Hardware: Rivals
Hardware: Rivals
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