Hardware Deal of the Day – ASUS GTX 980 Strix Healthily Discounted

The hardware deal news posts weren't really working too well, being that they were extremely obnoxious and were more a collection of low prices than anything else. So now we'll be bringing you a different hardware deal that we spot on the web every day. It might not necessarily be what you're looking for at that very moment, but these real deals have a way of not lasting very long. Strix Deal

There's a new deal in town.

To kick this off, it looks like Newegg is doing us all a great service with an ASUS 980 Strix for $479.99 after rebate. There's also a rebate code, EMCAWKW25, that you can use at checkout. That's far lower than it should be, and while it's not free, for what you get it's a pretty good deal.

I know, those rebates used to be a pain, but they really are a lot less evil than they used to be. Remember waiting months to see if you'd literally get a check in the mail? Well, it's a much smoother process now, and the wait is only half as long, so around 4 weeks. But seriously, rebates are not the enemy any longer.

The 980 might not be big Maxwell, but it's still plenty powerful for most all games.

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