Halo: MCC Season 6 Adds a New Halo 3 Map, Mouse and Keyboard Xbox Support, and More


Halo: The Master Chief Collection may finally be complete on PC and console, but new content is still coming for the game. Today marks the launch of Season 6, entitled Raven, which includes a “new” map for Halo 3 (lifted from the obscure Halo Online), a mode similar to CoD’s Gun Game, mouse and keyboard support on Xbox, 100 tiers of additional content to earn, and more. You can check out a quick trailer for Halo: MCC Season 6, below.

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Here’s a rundown of some of the new content and features included in Season 6:

  • New Halo 3 Map: Waterfall - Originally made for Halo Online, the map Waterfall is now available in Halo 3 Custom Games. Waterfall is a symmetrical map that supports all major game variants in Halo 3.
  • New game variant: Escalation Slayer - In Escalation Slayer, players progress through a series of weapons by earning kills with each one. When a player gets a kill with the final weapon, they win the round. You can also downgrade opponents to the previous weapon tier by assassinating them or sticking them with a Plasma Grenade. Escalation Slayer will be available in Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 2: Anniversary. Players can configure game settings to customize the experience and create unique variants.
  • Team Changing in Custom Games - In Custom Games across all multiplayer titles, all players can now change teams during a match. Choose Leader Only, Pre-Game Only, or Always options while setting up the Custom Game lobby. (Always is the default setting).
  • Mouse & Keyboard support for Xbox - Console players can now play using a mouse and keyboard with this feature supported for Xbox.
  • Secondary bindings for Mouse & Keyboard - Any action can now be bound to multiple inputs while using mouse and keyboard.
  • The Exchange - Players can now use the Exchange to spend season points on unique customizations from past Seasons or limited-time challenges.
  • Field-of-View (FOV) and Crosshair Position options for Xbox - Field-of-View (FOV) and Crosshair Position options are now available on all Xbox platforms, including 120Hz supported devices.
  • Per game Gameplay Settings - Each game now has its own unique Gameplay Settings section in the menu, including some settings that are unique to each title.
  • Added support for replacement of Halo: Combat Evolved maps with maps made for Custom Edition. - Note: We cannot guarantee maps will always work, but maps made using official Custom Edition tools should work without issues.
  • 100 new tiers of customizations to unlock. These include…
    • New armors based on Fireteam Raven and Halo Online for Halo 3
    • New back accessory customizations for Halo 3
    • New animated visors for Halo 3
    • New animated nameplates
    • New techsuit colors

If you need to know about ever minor bug fix and tweak included in the Season 6 update, you can check out the full unabridged patch notes, right here.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You can jump into the Season 6 content starting today.