Guerrilla Releases Amazing Horizon: Zero Dawn Wallpapers For Your Devices


Dutch developer Guerrilla Games has released a set of Horizon: Zero Dawn wallpapers to spice up your desktop or smart devices.

Guerrilla Games released the wallpapers as a zip file, but we've uploaded them for you. The released wallpaper comes in 8 different sizes. Pick the one matching your screen size.

The Dutch developer released some different wallpapers somewhat earlier, we've included those as well.

Horizon: Zero Dawn was revealed during Sony's Press Briefing at last E3. Guerrilla has presented the new IP as an open-world RPG, with a size comparable to recent open-world titles. The game's main character is a young red-haired woman called 'Aloy'. According to Guerrilla they needed a strong, but young character for the game.

Check out the announce trailer for Horizon on PS4:

Horizon: Zero Dawn is scheduled for a release somewhere in 2016, exclusively for the PS4. Guerrilla Games has assured fans that the game's framerate won't drop below 30FPS.