G.Skill Showcases High Performance (Massive Density) Memory Kits and SATA 3 Phoenix II PRO SSD at Computex 2011

G.Skill has released tons of new stuff at Computex 2011 which includes High Performance Memory kits featuring Massive density for the latest Intel/AMD Platforms along with SATA 3 based Phoenix II PRO SSD featuring the latest SandForce SF-2200 controller with a blistering fast random write speed of 60K IOPS.

The memory kits include a 16GB DDR3 kit for Intel Z68/P67 platform with rated speeds of 2,300MHz CL9-11-9-28 16GB (4GBx4) at 1.65V. The kit would be part of G.Skill Ripjaw series high performance kit. Dual and Triple channel kits for Intel's P55 and X58 platforms have also been announced. The X58 trident kit features DDR3 2200MHz CL9-11-9-28 12GB (4GBx3) while the P55 Trident kit which would be the fastest DDR3 memory for the platform is clocked at 2,400MHz CL9-11-10-28 8GB (4GBx2) 1.65V Trident kit.

An enthusiast high performance memory kit has also been released for AMD Bulldozer 990FX Platform with 16GB DDR3 kits rated at 2133mhz at CL9 timings. A super sized high performance memory kit has also been announced featuring upto 48GB(4GBx12) DDR3 rams running at 2000MHz CL8, These would be ideal for motherboards like EVGA SR-2, Intel Xeon LGA 1366 platform and the recently revealed ASUS Danshui Bay concept motherboard.

G.Skill also revealed the latest entry to its Phoenix series SSD "Phoenix II PRO" which is a SATA 3 SSD featuring the latest SandForce SF-2200 controller with write speeds of IOPS up to 60,000. The SSD would be avialable in 120GB and 240GB variants with ultra fast sequential read/write speed up up to 550/510 MB/s.

More info on G.Skill Official Webpage here.

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