Google Search Now Provides Additional Information About Select Colleges


Looking for a college that is perfect for you can be a bit tricky, considering the sheer number of colleges and the various costs associated with it. Until now, it was cumbersome to find out which college charged how much for a specific course using Google alone. One had to rely on multiple sources and the process was time-consuming. As of today, Google makes it a whole lot easier by displaying vital information about admissions, cost, student life and more in Search. According to their blog post:

But the path to success often begins much earlier than a job search. For many, selecting the right college is an early and important step in preparing for the future. The process to find the right school for you, however, can be confusing. Information is scattered across the internet, and it’s not always clear what factors to consider and which pieces of information will be most useful for your decision. In fact, 63 percent of recently-enrolled and prospective students say they have often felt lost when researching college or financial aid options.

For now, the information is limited to 4-year US colleges such as Yale or UCLA.  The Overview tab will show you contact information and a Google Maps link. The other tabs will show you a detailed breakdown of the average cost to study at each college, as well as graduation rates and average income for alumni for up to ten years after graduation, among other things.

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You'll also see additional information such as enrollment rates and student body stats via Google Search. You'll even get links to other similar colleges so you can compare them. The information is sourced from public data from the government, education researchers and nonprofit organisations and will be updated on a real-time basis. For now, the feature is available only on mobile and will be rolled out to other platforms soon.