Google Says Over 75% of Pixel Users Are on Android Pie

There is no doubt that a lot more Apple devices run the latest version of iOS compared to Android devices running the latest version of, well, Android. The idea behind Nexus and Pixel devices was to recreate that experience and have users run the latest Android version before anyone else. Google's senior vice-president of hardware, Rick Osterloh, responded to an Android Authority post on Apple's impressive level of OS penetration.

The first question that comes up here is why isn't that number a 100 percent. All Pixels have received Pie, so the only devices were not running it is either not in use, or the user has made a conscious decision to stay on an older version. The Pixel community is a collection of Android's biggest fans, and there's probably an excellent reason that some people still chose to remain on Oreo/Nougat.

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It is very likely that several users returned to Oreo after frustrating experiences with split screen mode updates and other UI tweaks. Most notably, Android Pie effectively renders all third-party call recording apps useless, much to the frustration of people who use them. Others noted that they were waiting for Google to iron out any issues before updating. It is clear that Android Pie isn't sitting too well with around a quarter of its users.

Even non-Pixel users seem to be a tad annoyed with Android Pie. Several people don't like the UI changes and navigation gestures. I'd write about my own Pie experience here but I'm still on Oreo for the foreseeable future thanks to Samsung's inherently slow rollout process. Samsung Experience 10 for Android Pie looks good, but like the 25 per cent of Pixel users, I'm going to wait till some of the bugs are fixed.

News Source: Rick Osterloh via Twitter

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