Google Now Cards Make Comback via Assistant


Back in the day, Google Now was all the rage as it was a one-stop solution for custom tailored, account-specific stuff and useful for keeping track of various deadlines or ongoing details. Over the years, it disappeared completely. Some parts were relegated to an 'upcoming' tab in Google Feed and others scrapped altogether. Starting this week, Google is rolling out a new overview of your day when you open the Assistant app. The new UI includes proactive suggestions and personalized information much like Google Now back in the day. In a glimpse, you can see timely information related to your commute, upcoming events, recent online purchases, and much more. According to Google's blog post:

This week, we’re rolling out a new visual overview of your day when you open the Google Assistant app on your phone, with proactive suggestions and personalized information to help you stay on top of your day. The new visual snapshot provides curated, helpful information based on the time of day, location, and your recent interactions with the Assistant, and will be available on Android and iOS devices in all languages supported by the Google Assistant.

How to Activate Google Assistant without Hey Google

The update is already rolling out and you can check if you've received if you spot a new icon that looks like an envelope screaming, in Assistant. It shows you upcoming details like your commute, schedule, flights, recent shipments to keep an eye out for, bills, and a bunch information aimed at making your life easier. Now, your Google Assistant is more of an assistant than ever.

You can even receive proactive notifications on your phone to remind you of important upcoming events via the Google Assistant. You can get notifications for upcoming bills, packages, even an alert that your flight has been delayed. Google states that they'll add more features such as integration with Google Keep lists and more. The update is now live and should hit all Android and iOS devices shortly.